Given that what we’re most likely to be doing for you is writing code, the best way to get to know us and how we work is to take a look at the code that we make available for free.

  • Len Learns Rust - a journey into Rust programming. These articles show how Len approaches learning new subjects in a “run before we can walk” style. Be prepared to back-track and make mistakes.
  • Winsock Registered I/O - where Len explores the RIO API for efficient networking on Windows and develops simple example servers and compares performance with other common approaches.
  • Practical Testing - is a series of over 30 articles on how to take apart and rebuild a piece of code using Test Driven Development and extensive unit testing. Len explains how and why he’s doing things and this helps to give you a deeper understanding of how he thinks and works.
  • Using OpenSSL with Asynchronous Sockets - was an article that Len wrote for Windows Developer Magazine back in 2002.
  • Sinking Connection points in C++ - is a hardcore COM article in which Len shows how you don’t need MFC or ATL to do the heavy lifting with Connection Points in C++.
  • Designing asynchronous COM components for VB - Len shows how to build COM components that work seamlessly with Visual Basic and other COM consumers.
  • Java Caches in the middle tier - Len works through a series of designs for caching in java servers.
  • CORBA reference counting - Len compares COM and CORBA in this first article in a series on server side CORBA memory management in C++.
  • The CORBA Evictor Pattern in JavaA - Len implements the CORBA Evictor Pattern in Java
  • OLEDB - Objects via ADO - In this first article in a series of 6, Len shows how you can step outside of the Microsoft OLEDB provider templates and expose your own tabular data to ADO efficiently.