2023 was a good year. We finished off a project for our Industrial Control Client and everyone seems happy, which is always nice.

Our work with the secretive Online Gaming Company is taking up most of our time as we continue to enhance the cloud gaming server that we wrote for them. They continue to go from strength to strength, which is good. We have been rolling out a series of changes into their live environment and increasing test coverage and our ability to test and debug using light-weight journals of communication sessions. The journaling is a massive help with post-mortem debugging as it can allow us to record journals for all 4000+ concurrent sessions on a server instance and only save the journals if issues occur. We then use the journal to replay the session in a debugging system that lets us quickly see what caused the problems…

We’re also continuing our work with Eonic Gaming on their servers for the Turf Battles Triumphus 3D MMORPG

This year we will continue to diversify our technical skills, adding Go to our toolbox alongside C++ and Rust.

Happy new Year and have a good 2024!