More of the same...

2021 was another “interesting” year. We hope that things worked out OK for you. We’ve stayed nice and busy doing the things we love to do. So lots more C++ on various platforms for various clients.

For us, and a few of our clients, 2021 was the year that NUMA really started to be a thing. Mostly, up until now, we’ve been able to ignore NUMA hardware. Most clients scale out across cheap hardware and we’re used to dealing with that. In 2021 some clients decided to scale the machine rather than the system and started using huge multi-cpu NUMA machines. This was ‘interesting’ from a performance point of view and we’ve all learnt a lot whilst tweaking code to make it a better fit for NUMA hardware.

We’re still nice and busy with our games clients and our industrial control clients. We’re enjoying being able to move towards newer compilers which support more recent versions of C++ and loving all the new learning we’re being forced to for performance tuning on various platforms. Long may it continue.

As always, in these interesting times; stay safe and healthy and good luck in 2022!