Well, that was different...

2020 was probably a challenging year for everyone. We were especially lucky in that all of our loved ones managed to stay safe and healthy and our working style was easy to adjust to fit with the various challenges of the year. We hope that things worked out OK for you too.

We ended up having a fairly good year. The games companies using The Server Framework were busy and had lots of work to send our way. Our secretive Online Gaming Company now has more than 600 million players per month on their cloud hosted server system and we’re still developing the native C++ side of this for them. They’re still adding new features and there’s still a lot of low-level networking stuff for us to do. The Linux port is now nicely bedded in.

We completed our latest project for our Industrial Control Client. Everything went well and, hopefully, there’s more to come in the new year…

The large American postal company that will remain nameless is still running its extended pilot phase. We added a test mode to their server so that it could put the mail sorting hardware through a series of tests to ensure that they could cope with production problems. We built a new replay tool to allow for DevOps to re-run transactions through the server for testing. They’re doing well and are starting to move the ongoing development in-house.

As usual, this year will bring new releases of The Server Framework, including options for Linux and MacOS. We’re always interested in getting involved in new projects, so do get in touch if you have something that you think we could help with. In the meantime, we’ll be here, doing what we love to do; writing high performance server code in C++!

Stay safe and healthy and good luck in 2021!