JetByte provides fixed price and hourly contract programming and consultancy services. We provide expertise in C, C++, C#, COM, .Net, Windows and UNIX. We specialise in the design and implementation of bespoke systems, working closely with our clients throughout the entire project life-cycle.

We have over 25 years’ experience of developing super scalable, high performance Windows server systems using The Server Framework, a set of mature C++ libraries that we developed, sell as a product, and provide consultancy for.

Software systems can be incredibly complex. We believe that it is vital to prototype a system so as to provide a thin thread of functionality from front to back as soon as is technically possible. Once this thread is in place we can work together to iteratively develop the system, starting with the most risky and least understood areas. In this way we manage the inherent risks that come from developing software and keep everyone aware of the current situation. Time and again we have found that proactive risk management and the honest reporting and visibility of the current state of the system are the key to delivering on time and within budget. We’ll work with you to get to a spec where we’re both happy with the level of risk and then quote a price that reflects the amount of risk you’re asking us to take. The more precise you can be, the less risk there is and the cheaper things work out.

We’re so confident that this method of software development really works and delivers value to our clients that we prefer to quote a fixed price for development. No hidden fees and a “no bugs” guarantee that means that if you ever find a bug in software that we’ve delivered with our “no bugs” guarantee then we’ll fix it for free, no matter how long after delivery you locate the problem.

We undertake both long and short term contracts and can quote for fixed price work undertaken from our Guildford office, or for working directly with your staff at an hourly rate.