Happy New Year

The year has kicked off to a very busy start for us with lots of work from our secretive Online Gaming Company. They’re doing a lot of work to enhance the product that we’ve helped them build so that it can run well in cloud environments for their clients and also form the core of their cloud-based service. Much of our current work for them is to do with server to server communications so that they can build a scalable system that can use resources in the cloud to grow on demand. We’ve been working with them on aspects of this for some time now and it’s all starting to come together nicely. Additionally we’ve recently added WebSockets support to their server so that they can easily support a new breed of browser based clients.

We’re also excited about working more closely with our Industrial Control Client who are sponsoring us for SC level security clearance so that we can get more involved with their systems; if we told you any more we’d have to kill you…

We’ve had more fixed price work for our Custom Electronics Manufacturer, adding SChannel based SSL support to their server. This server allows thousands of embedded devices to connect to their central servers to upload logs and download firmware.

We’ve still been too busy to do much work on the LockExplorer website but there’s an update to the tools scheduled for the end of the month to include all of the recent changes and fixes that have been applied whilst we’ve been ‘dog fooding’ them with our clients and on The Server Framework’s build machines.

Finally, we already have several releases planned for The Server Framework this year; watch this space!