More of the same in 2013!

Once again the new year has started with us very busy with work for our Industrial Control Client but since they needed to get us SC level security clearance for this project if we told you any more we’d have to kill you…

We’re also looking forward to doing lots more work with our secretive Online Gaming Company. Their cloud-based SAS gaming server is doing well for them and their clients and we’re continuing to be closely involved with the ongoing development.

These clients are great for driving changes into The Server Framework and we have a big new release due this year with lots of performance enhancing changes so that The Server Framework works even better on large multi-processor systems; this release brings together lots of small optimisations which, when put together, massively reduce context switches, contention and CPU usage within the framework.

Of course, we’re still very interested in getting involved with new client projects and building even more high performance server systems.

Watch this space and Happy New Year!