Things have been busy!

We’ve been busy with lots of custom development work over the last few months. Working with Eonic Gaming on their server for the Turf Battles Triumphus 3D MMORPG. Working with one of our security company clients on their video streaming server, adding RTP over TCP and HLS streams to the RTP over UDP of the original design. Improving the performance and functionality of the pluggable server that we wrote for one of our other gaming clients as they scale out into the cloud. And doing some consultancy for existing clients who want to expand their understanding and usage of The Server Framework.

The video streaming work was fun and went well and it was nice to have a well specified project using internet standards that we could really get our teeth into.

The work for Eonic Gaming has been especially interesting as we’ve worked closely with them to address their initial scalability issues and switch from a single server solution to a more traditional MMORPG style multiple server design.

We’ve also been working on several new releases of The Server Framework, one in the 6.6.x tree, a new, slimmed down 6.7 and some investigation into what could become massively modernised 7.0 release. But we’ll see…

Now that things are finally becoming a little bit calmer our focus is on getting the 6.6.5 and 6.7 releases finalised and out the door.