Security Clearance granted

As we mentioned back in January, one of our clients has sponsored Len for SC level Security Clearance for one of the projects that we’re bidding for with them. We’re pleased to announce that this has been granted and that Len now has SC level Security Clearance. Whilst this clearance was obtained for work with our sponsoring client that work may or may not materialise, it’s currently very early in the bidding process, so if you require the services of an Security Cleared C++ network specialist please get in touch.

Happy New Year

The year has kicked off to a very busy start for us with lots of work from our secretive Online Gaming Company. They’re doing a lot of work to enhance the product that we’ve helped them build so that it can run well in cloud environments for their clients and also form the core of their cloud-based service. Much of our current work for them is to do with server to server communications so that they can build a scalable system that can use resources in the cloud to grow on demand.

Where is the year going...

September already… We’ve spent much of the time since the last Company News update working with our super secretive Online Gaming company to make their product even better. We’ve also been updating The Server Framework’s WebSocket support for a couple of new Server Framework clients and generally improving performance for the 6.5 release of The Server Framework which is due real soon now. In addition we’ve launched the LockExplorer website, but, to be honest, we’ve been too busy with The Server Framework to do all the writing and evangelising that we have planned for the existing LockExplorer tools, let alone finish the more advanced tools.

Website update

As you can see, we’ve updated the JetByte web site and integrated it into our product site for The Server Framework and Len’s, Rambling Comments, programming blog. We’ve also got a new logo which we had developed for us as part of a logo design competition that we ran on The site is now managed using Movable Type rather than the custom content management system that we had written for us in 2001.

Fixed-price CLR hosting project

We’re working with VEXIS Systems Inc. again to extend the high performance pluggable server platform that we built for them back in 2008 using The Server Framework. This time around we’re adding to the plugin system within the server so that it can host plugins written in .Net managed code. The server now hosts a instance of the CLR, using The Server Framework’s CLR Hosting Option, and we have built a managed plugin system that integrates with the existing unmanaged system so that now they can write their business logic in either unmanaged code or in a managed language such as C#.

Updating ISO8583 servers

PayPoint has engaged us to update the ISO8583 transaction servers that we have built for them over the years to the latest version of The Server Framework. They’re keen to take advantage of the free updates that you get with The Server Framework but don’t have anyone in house to apply the diffs and adjust the code.